the brand strategy workshop

everything you need to design your brand strategy like a pro

FREE: no risk, no obligation, and no credit card required

  • align your

  • attract

  • brand



12 great workshop projects to guide you

work at your own pace: one project each day or every few days

use the project materials for FREE or get tailored guidance from our brand strategy experts




design your brand strategy in days, not months

using opento’s interactive online tools you will craft a powerful brand strategy that will help you

  • manage your brand professionally
  • attract and retain customers
  • impress investors and stakeholders



the brand strategy workshop

Each project includes everything needed to systematically design your strategy

  • interview

  • resources

  • strategy designer
  • online diy 'interview'
    guided by opento's tried and tested models for exploring all the elements of a brand strategy
  • ideas and inspirations to focus your project and guidance on how to make the right strategic choices
  • store your work securely and build your brand strategy step-by-step using opento's interactive strategy designer



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