Our mission is simple: to provide the world's professionals with tools to make them more productive and successful.

opento story OOnce upon a time...
one of my favorite clients (a VIP in a Big Co) asked
"Could you take all the practical tools and frameworks we use together for brand positioning and brand strategy and put them online to make them more accessible?"
What a great idea!

opento story PThen, just to make it a challenge...
"Don't just provide process tools; include high quality content too.
Inspirational ideas from other brands.
Insights from all the corners of psychology.
Then I can access expertise online no matter where I am in the world. "
She spends a LOT of time in airports.

opento story EBuilding the team...
obviously this couldn't be a 'kids in the garage' type of start-up.
It needed industry experts.
It needed deep technical knowledge and a lot of real business experience.
The opento team is pretty grown-up.

opento story NBuilding the products...
as we worked on consultancy projects with some of the world's biggest brands, we created new approaches, structured our models, built databases of case examples and invented smart ways of making them accessible.
We found the secret: interactive online products.

opento story TTrials and testing...
It wasn't easy: there were months of testing and prototyping, a few blind alleys and a lot of fine tuning on projects with more of our extremely demanding clients.
(Our clients are all very lovely people.)

opento story final OThe power of online interactive products...
opento members use our products to give us input on their brands in a highly structured way.
Our branding experts analyze that input with the help of some smart algorithms and structured databases.
We provide ideas and options and help members select a route forward.
Collaboration just works better.

opento is not just for big brands...
We're using technology to make our expertise accessible to everyone.
Our members include start-ups and SMEs as well as managers of big international brands.
They all want to work smarter and more cost-effectively.
Come and join them today.

opento story Oopento story Popento story Eopento story Nopento story final Topento story final O

The opento team

We guide you in finding a strong brand positioning and help you bring it to life for customers and employees.

  • Sandra Pickering

    Sandra Pickering

    Founding Partner

  • Stephanie Creff-Coumau

    Stephanie Creff

    Innovation Partner

  • Lawrence Connelly

    Lawrence Connelly

    Operations Partner

  • Paul Pickering

    Paul Pickering

    Technology Partner

Lawrence Connelly

Lawrence Connelly

Lawrence's balance of care and discipline with a talent for providing structure are order as well as the gift of listening and understanding, make him the ideal Operations Partner.

He is responsible for the smooth day-to-day running of the business, for ensuring opento delivers against our commitments to members and other partners and for managing our social media presence.

His senior international experience in running commercial and procurement functions in manufacturing, electronics and financial services multinationals ensures quality and efficiency remain central to opento.

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Stephanie Creff-Coumau

Stephanie Creff

A passion for discovery of new and useful ideas combined with a talent for getting to the truth and doing things correctly are essential for Stephanie's role as Innovation Partner at opento.

She is responsible for developing, testing and optimizing the models behind our products and ensuring they deliver high quality and inspiring content to opento members.

With senior-level experience across R&D, manufacturing and marketing in the aeronautics and food industries, Stephanie is an expert on consumer behavior, marketing science and innovation.

Paul Pickering

Paul Pickering

Paul designs the technology needed to run opento's innovative product development and delivery systems as well as our eCommerce functions.

An early pioneer of prototyping and rapid development techniques, Paul combines a deep understanding of systems design with a creative, hands-on approach to developing Lean applications.

His corporate background in banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, retail, and government agencies means he has experience of solving seemingly impossible technical challenges.

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Sandra Pickering

Sandra Pickering

Sandra is an acknowledged expert in branding and brand strategy and a leader in the practical application of neuromarketing (psychology, neuroscience and data analytics) to business issues.

Following a successful career in marketing at Unilever, Mars, Quaker Oats and The Body Shop, Sandra has consulted with many famous brands across consumer goods, financial services, technology, eCommerce, retail and not-for-profit businesses.

Her background in psychology, neurophysiology and marketing science has enabled her to develop unique tools and frameworks around brands that have been refined, tested and developed into opento products.

From her corporate career, Sandra is keenly aware of the realities of managing brands in a commercial environment and the need to provide brand managers with a combination of inspiring ideas and practical tools to help them succeed.

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  • neurothinking

    Dr. Peter Steidl, Neurothinking

  • Kantar_TGI

    Kantar TGI Insights & Integration


Kantar TGI

TGI are experts in using data mining to understand people.

We are delighted to partner with them to test and validate our models using customer data and to complement their insights offer with opento's branding expertise. Discover TGI here.



Dr. Peter Steidl, Neurothinking

Dr. Peter Steidl is a consumer strategist and brand advisor who applies neuromarketing to improving marketing effectiveness.

steidl.jpgNeurothinking for Dummies

He is also the author of a number of marketing publications including Creating Brand Meaning and co-author of Neuromarketing for Dummies.

We are delighted to partner with Peter in developing practical tools to make his work accessible to opento members.

Discover Neurothinking.

The opento team has many decades of combined experience working in and with many of the world's most famous companies and brands. Here are just a few:

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