How our products work

We bring our experts online to give you help when and where you need it.

We use online interviews to guide you as we explore your brand and business together.

This ensures we work in an objective and structured way.

It means you can work with us at your own pace and allows us to help you, wherever you are around the globe, cost-effectively without charging you expensive travel costs.


To see how a very simple online interview works, sign up to run our free trial product.

Our experts review and analyse your interview.

Applying the tools of neuromarketing, we give you tailored guidance on how to stengthen your brand.

Depending on which product you buy, we will do a number of interviews with you and deep dive to explore specific issues of your choice.

Discover the opento team.

We create a dynamic openbook for you with the outputs of our analysis, the guidance and inspirations. You can add your own notes and ideas as you use it.

In additon, we will add and curate new material for you as long as you remain an opento member.


openbooks are tailored to your specific needs. Visit the openbook gallery to see examples.


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