open to learning: Brand credibility measurement

Bill Haig argues for brand credibility measurement in his comprehensive paper.

In this paper, published in two parts in Journal of Brand Strategy, Summer 2015,  and Journal of Brand Strategy, Autumn/Fall 2015, Bill Haig argues that a measure of brand credibility should replace goodwill and other equity measures. I'm not entirely convinced that it should but I recommend reading his paper for the comprehensive review of the many models around brand equity.

Credibility is defined as a combination of expertise and trust and Haig convincingly shows that they are more concrete than terms such as 'goodwill'.

In part 1, he explains source credibility persuasion theory, its links to company goals and how it helps guide logo design. Haig has considerable expertise and experience in logo design and there is a lot to learn from him here.

In part 2, he does an admirable job of comparing and evaluating the different dimensions of various alternative brand equity models, especially Y&Rs BAV, Equitrend, Interbrand and Aaker models.

I agree with Haig that trust and expertise are important dimensions and  I relate them to opento's brand positioning dimensions of personality and competence, so I support his call to pay attention to them. However, I think that brand equity measurement requires a broader set of dimensions.

Do read this paper for the many good arguments and insights it contains.


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