open to learning: Uncovering customer insights

Gaynor Strachan Chun, M.A. Greenstein and Sarah Kornfeld have written a powerful call to action on taking a whole brain approach to uncovering customer insights.

"Reading between the lines: uncovering customer insights to deliver exceptional customer experiences", published in the Journal of Brand Strategy, Summer 2015, argues for a more human-centric perspective in companies to ensure we get real insights and real value from data.

I recently sat with a client team running a major global brand and listened to a 'big data' presentation that drew conclusions and made recommendations disconnected from genuine understanding of human psychology, so I heartily support their mission.

The story of the advertising testing done (and ignored) on Apple's 1984 spot is well-described and reminds us to reflect on the fact that 'people, not data,...make decisions'.

Read the paper too for some helpful, easy-to-implement suggestions - such as calling customers 'people' to humanise them and understanding the customer's story alongside the brand story.


This post is the latest in our 'opento learning' series pointing readers to content for skills development but also to reflect on some important implications of confusing data with insight.