open to learning: How to run a global marketing campaign that meets local needs

Kevin Freedman's practice paper on how to make global marketing work contains lots of practical, solid advice. If you work on a global brand, do read his paper for expert guidance.

'Think global, act local' is a common marketing mantra but rarely does anyone take the trouble to explain exactly how to do this. Kevin Freedman's practice paper, published in the Journal of Brand Strategy, Spring 2015, provides a good structure and plenty of advice based on in-depth experience.

Of course, many well-known global brands, such as Coca-Cola, have global brand management systems to manage the balance of global-local but most 'normal' brands don't.

My key takeaways from the paper are:


  1. Separate out the creative challenge from the implementation and project management.
  2. Design local collaboration into the creative development from the start.
  3. Use Kevin's checklists of things that could go wrong to avoid making cultural slips.


Perhaps the main strength of the paper is its very practical, detailed guidance on how to manage a project, brought to life with two clear case examples from launcihng in France and Electronic Arts localisation of its FIFA 15 game.

Good news: the paper is available as a pdf on Kevin Freedman's site.


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