open to learning: Linking brand to business financials

Joanna Seddon of OgilvyRED gives a clear overview of why brand valuation matters to marketers and how to approach it.

This is one of the best papers I've read in years on brand valuation.

Joanna Seddon skillfully approaches valuation from the perspective of brand strategy rather than the traditional accounting perspective in this paper, published in the Journal of Brand Strategy, Summer 2015

Her 8 key principles to guide brand valuation are rooted in how brands drive value and how to make the analysis and results meaningful and useful.

With a detailed case example of DuPont brands she shows how to link brand valuation to portfolio optimisation, brand architecture and brand extensions. I was delighted to come across a fellow believer in the need to design brand architecture around detailed consideration of the role that brands and sub-brands play in driving valuable meaning associations across categories through licensing and extensions.

A highly recommended read.

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