open to learning: Four ways digital works to build brands and relationships

David Aaker provides a good overview of the different roles that digital can play in building brands.

Too many people still view 'digital' as a different type of marketing so it's good to see Professor Aaker, author of many authoritative brand strategy books, show how different digital forms link directly into brand-building.

In "Four ways digital works to build brands and relationships",  published in the Journal of Brand Strategy, Spring 2015, Aaker defines these four roles of digital as: support the offering, augment the offering, amplify a brand-building programme and create a sweet spot.

Each of these is roles is explained in detail with plenty of examples to bring them to life. I particularly liked the points made about using the website not as a selling platform but as a brand-building platform  by finding a customer's 'sweet spot' of interests or even passions and providing involving content around that sweet spot that will create positive associations for your brand. Nature Valley's Trail View where nature lovers can explore trails virtually with a streetview experience is a perfect example of that idea in action.

(A version of the paper is also available on Prophet's site.)


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