Step up from Archetypes to Marquetypes™

We've just launched our new Brand Positioning - starter kit. opento members are already using it - why not join them?

The story so far:

We set an impossible challenge: to build a high quality, easy to use, online interactive product to help marketers use archetypal brand positioning in the right way.

We mapped it out with Artefact cards, prototyped it and refined it with feedback from some very demanding members.

Then we worked on simplifying the output around a brand hexagon.

Doing it the right way

We've been using brand archetypes for many years, working with some of the world's most famous brands, and we've built this product to use the same logic and methodology as we use with those clients.

The model combines understanding of  your customer and your market with your brand vision. It's the same logic that we use in our more advanced in-depth products but pruned down to allow you to get very fast feedback.


The model is rooted in archetypal branding but is explicitly focused on how real brands in a competitive, commercial context need to interact with their customers and the market category in which they compete.

So, we called the model Marquetypes, from 'Marque' meaning 'brand' to emphasize its practical, commercial use.

2 days?

You can work on your brand one day, we'll work on it and give you your analysis and ideas by the end of the next day. Or, like some of our members, you can buy it and work on it at your own pace: take a few days or even weeks to work on it. We'll still get your analysis back to you promptly.


It’s called Brand Positioning – starter kit and can be found on our home page at for a short time only at $59.

It's a perfect introduction for anyone who hasn't yet tried brand archetypes and, even if you are familiar with brand archetypes, we are confident that it will give you new inspirations and ideas.

Limited time offer

We hope you'll try it and, if you know anyone who deserves a brand positioning treat this week, let them know too.

Brand Positioning - starter kit

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