It's a brand hexagon!

A quick note on how our new product development is progressing. The hexagon lives on!

The story so far:

Some of our many smart and inquisitive opento members suggested we develop a light, easy-to-use product to help inspire entrepreneurs and new brand managers discover the power of archetypal branding.

In our earlier post, we described how we'd mapped the product concept and tested it with some demanding members.

The hexagon lives on!

We liked the hexagon so much that we have been using it as our way of visualizing the brand positioning options that we develop with our products.

We're not the first people to think of a brand as a hexagon.  (It reminded me of Jean-Noel Kapferer's Prism. )

But it's neat and clear and it stands up well among the onions, keys and pyramids by taking Helen Edward's great advice on being sharp about defining the brand.

Ssssh - members-only!

We've quietly put it on sale and told only our existing members as we want them to benefit first from the limited time offer.

But ... if you know someone who really, really deserves a brand positioning treat, tell them to visit as soon as possible!

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