It's a hexagon!

A quick note on how our new product development is progressing.

The story so far:

Some of our many smart and inquisitive opento members suggested we develop a light, easy-to-use product to help inspire entrepreneurs and new brand managers discover the power of archetypal branding.

We listened and agreed some tough success criteria for this new product:

      • the new product should use the same structured model and logic as all our Marquetypes products
      • it should guide members through a thoughtful assessment of their brand, customer and market context using their own expertise and insights
      • we should be able to deliver unique and useful direction and inspiration to our members within a couple of days

We explored many options and chose to develop a Brand Positioning starter kit.

We started by mapping out the building blocks and shape of the product using our trusty Artefact packs. Then we reworked it and pruned it and reshaped it and played with it and finally settled on the model shown in the photograph.

Looks like it's a hexagon!

Next, we built the prototype product and tested it with the help of three demanding opento members. We'll slightly disguise them as: Ann - senior marketer with multinational branding experience; Bob - account director in a top tier advertising agency and Chris - owner of an innovation and strategy consultancy.

They loved it!

And they gave us some useful feedback on how to make it even better.

We're just putting the final touches to it before adding it to the other products for sale in our Marquetypes department.

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