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Book Review: Neuromarketing Essentials: what every marketer needs to know
This book by Peter Steidl is a superb, short introduction for all marketers interested in Neuromarketing.
Reframing brands and categories
Continuing our series on linking psychology to data analytics, we explore how brands can reframe the meaning of categories by creating new stories.
How do brands become market leaders?
Continuing our series on linking human psychology to Big Data analytics, we explore how category-leading brands connect with customer psychology.
Book Review: Customer Experience with 3 Michelin Stars
Sometimes the best marketing lessons come from unexpected sources. Reading “The Diego Masciaga Way” by Chris Parker, I found some great insights into how a premium brand is brought to life in an integrated customer experience.
Brand language in the online world
Continuing our series on linking human psychology to data analytics, we explore how brands can use language to trigger consumer emotions in a digital world.
How to segment a market psychologically
Continuing our series on linking human psychology to Big Data analytics, we explore how psychological motivations can help us understand market segmentation.
Book Review: Neuromarketing for Dummies
We've been enjoying this book by Stephen Genco, Andrew Pohlmann and Peter Steidl and highly recommend it to anyone interesting in the power of brands.
Five steps to a winning brand personality
Brand personality is important. Here's how to define it, bring it to life for your customers and help protect your brand from competitors.
A seasonal look at fragrances
Fragrances are big business at this time of year. But some brands are more powerful and iconic than others. We've been looking at why that is using Marquetypes analysis.
Career Branding for the next Steve Jobs
Somewhere out there is a young entrepreneur who will one day be ‘the new Steve Jobs’. Is she one of your colleagues? Is he one of your friends or a member of your family? Is it you? Whoever it is, help them out with this good advice on career branding.
How to build a strong social media brand - fast!
Establishing a service brand can be tougher than product branding, more so when building your brand online. Yet, we've found a brand that's almost an overnight success: MarketingChap. What lessons can be learned from MarketingChap about building an online brand fast?
How to drive sales AND build your brand
Attention-grabbing marketing activity gets headlines and might drive short-term sales but some marketing actions also help build your brand and others don't. How to tell the difference?
What is brand personality?
Sir Richard Branson is right: personality is critical to success - for brands as well as people. Don't leave it to chance!
It's a hexagon!
A quick note on how our new product development is progressing.
The Sage and his ice cream maker
The Sage archetype is a powerful focus for brand positioning. But guard against the risks of being a Sage - by learning from brands that do it well. We analyzed the brand extensions of Heston Blumenthal, internationally-acclaimed chef, to give you inspiration and direction.
Meaningful Brands
Brand meaning is a hot topic right now. What is a ‘meaningful brand’, why is it important and how can you take it into account when building your own brand and business?
Brand positioning is a business question
Discovering the right brand positioning for your brand requires a good understanding of the customer, the competitive market and all aspects of your own brand. The final choice has implications for your whole business, not just your marketing team. In the third and final of this week's posts on brand positioning, we look at how to make that choice.
The three building blocks of brand positioning
To discover the most powerful positioning area for your brand, you need to consider your customer, the competitive market and your own brand. In the second of 3 posts this week, we look at how to define these three building blocks of your brand positioning.
A brand is not a person
Brand Archetypes are a powerful way to start thinking about how to position your brand. But don’t oversimplify archetypes and brand positioning: it’s not just about characters and personalities.
Beauty and the Brand: Kokopelli's
A Creator's focus on aesthetics and desirability is perfect for chocolate products. What else makes a great Creator brand?

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